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Jiangsu Feng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, which is the largest wetland in Asia, the longest prefecture-level city in China, the Pearl on the Yellow Sea coast, the hometown of the world's rare animal elk and red-crowned crane. The company is adjacent to Dazonghu Provincial Scenic Spot, with 204 National Highway, Ningjing Salt Highway, Coastal Highway and Xuhuai Salt Highway in the east. It is only 35 kilometers away from Yancheng International Airport, which directly reaches Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Seoul, Korea and Bangkok, Thailand. Its geographical location is superior, transportation is convenient and communication is developed.

The company has passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification, and has been appraised as a national high-tech enterprise and a private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province. We adhere to the enterprise concept of "respecting science, attaching importance to talents, adhering to integrity, quality and survival". After more than ten years of development, the company's products sell well in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The core technology is the backbone of an enterprise. The core technology is the core competitiveness. Every year, the company allocates special funds for product research and development, introduces advanced production technology, manufacturing equipment and professionals, and maintains good cooperative relations with many domestic research institutes and users, updates products, and establishes a comprehensive product matrix. To cope with the changing market and promote the further development of enterprises.

The company has strong technical force and complete production equipment. The main products are: SF-8000 double-head copper large-drawing annealing device (AC), SF-5000 copper wire large-drawing AC annealing device, SF-450 copper wire large-drawing DC reverse annealing device, SF-450-II copper wire large-drawing DC annealing device, SF-5000-II copper wire large-drawing DC annealing device. Copper wire large pull DC annealing device, SF-450-I DC horizontal annealing device, SF-400 DC horizontal annealing device, SF-350-II copper wire large and medium pull annealing device, SF-270 copper wire medium pull annealing device, SF-270 horizontal medium pull annealing device, SF-(1000A) 2000A copper wire medium pull annealing device, etc., our enterprise is still aluminum, aluminum, steel, copper wire medium pull annealing annealing device, etc. Aluminum wire and alloy wire annealing aging furnace; Professional manufacturers, and a variety of accessories: nickel belt (conductive ring), aluminum guide wheel (sprayable), aluminum door and copper annealing wheel direct sales; Imported annealing equipment accessories can be maintained.

Looking forward to the future, Sufeng will adhere to the development idea of "self-development, self-innovation and self-brand", aiming at "manufacturing domestic leading copper wire annealing equipment and achieving the domestic brand of Sufeng Science and Technology".

Today, Sufeng has become the guarantee of our confidence and quality. If Sufeng annealing equipment is the representative of Sufeng brand, then Sufeng brand is the honor of Sufeng employees. It is our responsibility to work hard for China's annealing equipment industry. We are more capable of pushing China's annealing equipment to the international stage.




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