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Application of Frequency Converter in Direct Drawing Machine

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Application of Frequency Converter in Direct Drawing Machine

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With the rapid development trend of the automobile industry, the demand for automobile tires has also continued to grow. Together, because of the rapid development trend of expressways in China, the operation speed of cars has been further improved, which clearly puts forward higher requirements for the quality of automobile tyres. As the key component of tire, steel connection plays a key role in the compressive strength of tire. The quality of steel connection immediately endangers the quality, quality and grade of tire. As the key production line equipment of steel connection, the direct wire drawing machine is more and more widely used by manufacturers of large drawing and returning devices. In the early stage, import-oriented direct wire drawing machine was the key, including import-oriented wire drawing machine from France, Spain, Japan and other places. This system software has DC variable speed, and also communicates with AC motor speed regulation. Nowadays, this kind of machine and equipment will be used in some large steel connection manufacturers. In recent years, with the improvement of China's machining and manufacturing capabilities and the development trend of its automation technology control system, the direct wire drawing machine has basically maintained domestic production and manufacturing. Several wire drawing machine manufacturers in Jiangyin, Jingjiang and other places have already manufactured direct wire drawing machines with AC and DC frequency conversion and same speed change. In this machine, some imported soft starters, such as Danfoss, ABB, Yolico manufactured in Wuxi by Miyagi Kawabata of Japan, and some domestic soft starters, such as Huichuan, are used.

Direct wire drawing machine is a small and medium-sized continuous production line equipment consisting of several pulling heads. According to progressive pulling, the stainless steel wire can be cold drawn to the required specifications at one time, so its working efficiency is relatively high. However, because the wire diameter of stainless steel wire varies according to the drawing of each stage, the angular speed of each drawing head also needs to be changed.

The working speed of each pulling head of a straight wire drawing machine is the relationship between the left and right of the application scenario to ensure that each pulling head operates in the same way. However, it shows that the whole process of steady-state work under the ideal situation of application scenario is the whole process, because the deviation of gear transmission and the clearance of gear transmission, as well as the whole process of dynamic work such as start-up, acceleration, speed-down and termination, each pull-pull head can not maintain the same effect, therefore, most of today's direct type. Tension sensors are often used in wire drawing machines to measure the supporting force of stainless steel wires between each pulling head dynamically and accurately. Then the supporting force is converted into a standard data signal (0-20mA or 0-10V). The feedback from the standard data signal is given to the variable speed soft starter. The soft starter uses this data signal as a closed-loop control PID process tube. In principle, adding the adjustment amount of PID calculation to the main speed to maintain the uniform movement of the support force at each support force detection point ensures the working attitude of the straight wire drawing machine with the same support force.

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