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Diffusion Annealing of Annealing Equipment

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Diffusion Annealing of Annealing Equipment

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In general, the steel is heated to the zero point or so for quenching machine equipment. The insulation and heat preservation must take time to ferrite all or part of the steel and then slow water cooling to obtain a ferrite mechanism close to the equilibrium condition. Quenching is widely used in production and manufacturing. According to different purposes and regulations, the actual operation of quenching process is various.

External diffusion hardening is the first annealing process of quenching machine equipment. External diffusion hardening is the actual operation of this kind of hardening that specializes in eliminating or improving the asymmetry of composition. The whole process of Dala Return Device manufacturers is to heat steel parts to high temperature at an appropriate heating rate, and then long-term thermal insulation makes molecules have sufficient conditions to carry out external diffusion, and then slow water cooling again. Usually, air cooling is announced after furnace cooling to 500-350 C. Different levels of shrinkage and porosity are inevitable in the whole forging process, especially in high alloy steel ingots and large and medium-sized castings. The serious asymmetry of composition will result in the asymmetry of mechanism and malignant change of characteristics. The key to the asymmetry of components is to improve or eliminate them by the external diffusion of molecules. Because the higher the temperature is, the easier the molecule is to diffuse, so the temperature of external diffusion quenching is always higher. Usually, it is strongly recommended that the selection should be carried out within the range of 150-300 C of Ac3 or Acm, according to the shrinkage level. Generally, the temperature should be heated between 1100-1200 C.

Quenching machine equipment as the preparation period quenching treatment, if the characteristics of parts are not high, can also be normalized as the final quenching treatment.

Jiangsu Feng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, which is the longest coastline prefecture-level city in China, the hometown of pearl, world rare animal elk and red-crowned crane. The company is close to Dazonghu Provincial Scenic Spot, with 204 National Highway, Ningjing Salt Highway, Shenhai Highway and Xuhuai Salt Highway in the east. It is only 35 kilometers away from Yancheng International Airport, which directly reaches Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Seoul, Korea and Bangkok, Thailand. It has excellent geographical location, convenient transportation and developed communication.

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