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Annealing equipment is the heat treatment method of this metal material.

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Annealing equipment is the heat treatment method of this metal material.

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Quenching machine equipment is this method of heat treatment of metal materials, which means that the metal materials are slowly heated to the necessary temperature to ensure sufficient time, and then cooled by water at a suitable rate. The purpose is to reduce the strength, improve the drilling process performance by the manufacturers of medium and large pull-back devices; remove internal stress, smooth specifications, reduce the tendency of deformation and crack; optimize crystals, regulate mechanism, and eliminate the shortcomings of mechanism. The metal material is slowly heated to the required temperature to ensure sufficient time, followed by a heat treatment method suitable for rate water cooling (generally slow water cooling, sometimes manipulated water cooling). The purpose is to soften raw materials or steel parts that have undergone forging, forging, welding or drilling, to improve plastic deformation and ductility, to make the composition symmetrical, to remove internal stress, or to obtain predicted technological properties.

The annealing process of quenching machine equipment varies from place to place, such as recrystallization quenching, isothermal annealing, symmetrical quenching, spheroidizing annealing, in-situ stress removal quenching, work hardening quenching, stabilization quenching and electromagnetic field quenching.

1. Metal material gadgets lose their original strength when they are heated.

2. Cooling retarded water after heating metal composite materials or steel parts to necessary temperature and time. Quenching can reduce the strength and ductility of metal materials and improve ductility. It's also called steaming fire.

Quenching purpose

(1) Reducing strength and improving drilling performance;

(2) Remove internal stress, smooth specification, reduce deformation and crack tendency;

(3) Optimize the crystal, adjust the mechanism and remove the shortcomings of the mechanism.

Annealing process is widely used in production and manufacturing. According to the requirements of steel parts, quenching purposes are different. There are many kinds of quenching process standards, such as thorough quenching, spheroidizing annealing, and de-stress annealing.

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