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Present Situation and Development Trend of Wire Drawing Machine Industry

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Present Situation and Development Trend of Wire Drawing Machine Industry

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The metallurgical manufacturing industry in China belongs to metallurgical industry, light industry, crude oil, coal, chemical plant, catalpa tree, fishery and other units. In recent years, with the high-speed development trend of social economy, the metal manufacturing industry has a great development at the level of machinery and equipment, processing technology, product quality, production volume and type. At this stage, there are more than 600 national metal manufacturing companies, with the production volume exceeding 3 million tons / year. Among them, it can produce There are more than 50 companies manufacturing medium and high carbon steel wire and wire rope, and there are about 80 kinds of metal manufacturing. The vast majority of commodity bases can take into account China's requirements, but in terms of types and qualities of process, it is still impossible to consider thoroughly the marketing market and the trend of socio-economic development. Compared with the capitalist countries of world industrial production, the manufacturer of medium-sized and large-scale drawback devices has to consider the production process, the level of weaponry and equipment of wire drawing machines, the quality and types of products, etc. On many levels, there are still big differences.

Most of the leading metal manufacturing enterprises in China were built in the 1950s and 1970s. They are far behind the capitalist countries in terms of machinery and equipment, technological level, production capacity and product quality. Although in the late 1970s and early 1980s, some companies introduced various models and specifications. The speed drawing machine, twisting machine, rope-making machine, production line of various handicraft products, etc., but the weaponry level of silk machine in the whole manufacturing industry is still relatively backward. According to the statistical analysis of relevant departments, the weaponry and equipment level of wire drawing machine in our country at this stage: the level of machinery and equipment in the 1980s accounted for about I. 15%, the level of machinery and equipment in the 1970s and 1970s accounted for about 30%, and the level of machinery and equipment in the 1940s and 1950s accounted for about 55-60%. Many manufacturer's wire drawing machine is still dominated by general movable pulley wire drawing machine, which limits the improvement of the quality, production capacity and types of handicraft at a very large level. After the 1980s, various handicraft manufacturers competed from capitalist countries in order to improve product quality, production capacity and product types. The introduction of various forms of wire drawing machines, a total of more than I00 sets (groups), can be said that all the world's excellent and more excellent wire drawing machines, in China I through; so that in our country's wire drawing machine produced by the old-style dynamic pulley wire drawing machine dominated, both double-drum type, straight forward type, looper type, tuning roller linear type, combination type. And the coexistence of all kinds of water tank wire drawing machines.

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