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Common annealing equipment process

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Common annealing equipment process

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Quenching machine equipment is indispensable in metal surface treatment. The key objectives of heat treatment methods of quenching machine equipment are: reducing strength, improving drilling process performance; clearing internal stress, smoothing specification, reducing tendency of deformation and crack; optimizing crystal, adjusting mechanism, clearing shortcomings of mechanism; symmetrical raw materials. Institutions and ingredients. The manufacturer of the Zhongla Return Device improves the characteristics of raw materials or prepares the mechanism for subsequent conditioning treatment in advance. At present, the general quenching machine and equipment processing technology has the following categories:

Processing Technology of Quenching Machinery and Equipment I. Quenching of Annealing Furnace

The key equipment of annealing furnace quenching machine is composed of annealing tank, resistance wire, etc. It is based on the wire drawing placed in a heated vessel, more than quenched.

Processing Technology of Quenching Machinery and Equipment II. Hot Tube Quenching

The key equipment of hot tubular quenching machine consists of stainless steel pipe, resistance wire, refrigerant, receiving and laying-out equipment, etc. It warms up a hollow pipe according to the heating wire, and draws the wire according to the heating hollow pipe, exceeding the quenching target.

Processing Technology of Quenching Machinery Equipment III. High Current Quenching by Carbon Brush with Capacitance Gate

The key equipment of capacitive grid carbon brush quenching machine is composed of adjustable transformer, carbon brush, electric grade wheel, refrigerant, construction wiring equipment and so on. This is to maintain quenching by applying the basic principle of ironing when drawing through current.

Processing Technology of Quenching Machinery and Equipment IV. Induction Quenching

The key equipment of induction hardening machine is composed of magnetic induction switching power supply, electromagnetic coil, etc. This is the purpose of using electromagnetic induction principle to exceed the quenching of wire drawing.

Different quenching machines and equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages, so different main uses should select the appropriate quenching machine and equipment.

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