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Mid-pull annealing process

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Mid-pull annealing process

Date of release:2019-08-28 Author: Click:

Knowing from the factors that endanger the cold rolling properties of aluminium-platinum embryos, the medium-pull annealing device can minimize the solid solubility of Fe and Si elements in aluminium chemical reactions, prevent the generation of excessive stout chemicals, and manipulate the symmetrical appearance of chemicals such as round granular or spherical, which can improve the cold rolling properties of aluminium-platinum embryos and is beneficial to raw materials. Production and processing of plastic deformation.

The best solid solution and dilution point exists in the whole process of quenching at 380 (?) C, which is caused by the whole process of changing the solid solubility of Fe and Si in chemical reaction. The best solid solution dilution point is a key regularity in the whole process of quenching and tempering treatment of 1235 Aluminium Alloy profile. It shows the key theoretical significance for the mechanism manipulation and processing technology upgrading of aluminium platinum commodities with different materials and specifications. When the quenching time is shorter (6h), the solid solubility of Fe and SI can exceed the minimum in chemical reaction. When the quenching time is increased moderately (less than 20h), the bulk or small piece of beta-p (AIFeSi) can be "dissolved" sufficiently into small size and ideal round granular beta-p (A1FeSi) phase, and the block can be reduced. Shape B or small piece B. The harmful effects of plastic deformation in relativistic chemical reactions increase the solid solubility of Fe and Si in chemical reactions, which are two different levels. If the time of heat insulation and heat preservation is increased (less than 35h), although the solid solubility of Fe and Si in chemical reaction can be reduced to a moderate degree, the comprehensive working time can be increased. Therefore, an effective positive intermediate annealing process for economic development should be formulated in accordance with the provisions of the final Aluminum and Platinum commodities.


Unipolar Positive Intermediate Annealing Process

If the relative thickness of aluminium-platinum products is too thick at about 6 microns, the stipulated relativity of aluminium-platinum embryos is relatively low. The positive intermediate annealing process at 380 C *6 h can be selected to ensure that the solid solubility of Fe and Si elements in chemical reaction is relatively moderate, and then the bulk or small pieces of beta-p phase are stored in aluminium-platinum embryos and final aluminium-platinum commodities, and the specifications of beta-p phase are similar. Often less than 3 microns, so it is not easy to cause significant harm to over-thick Aluminum and Platinum products. Or the quenching time of 3800c can be increased appropriately for 6 to 8 hours, which has a part of "dissolution" transformation between lower solid solubility and beta-p phase.

If cold-rolled aluminium-platinum commodities below 6um or 6um are thinner, a longer quenching time should be used to make P.

(A1FeSi) phase changes sufficiently or thoroughly, and then rolls off in the cold-binding process of the event to form a round granular beta-p phase. Since the change has been slow after 10 hours of heat insulation at 3800 C, 8-15 hours of heat insulation time can be selected from the perspective of economic benefits.

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