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Brief Introduction to the Technology of Large Drawing Annealing Device

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Brief Introduction to the Technology of Large Drawing Annealing Device

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Quenching in large-tension annealing device: When residual positive ions are introduced into semiconductor materials, the incident positive ions with high efficiency energy will collide with the molecules on the lattice constant of semiconductor materials, causing some lattice constant molecules to deviate, resulting in a lot of vacancies, which will lead to disordered molecular ordering in the introducing region or become amorphous. Therefore, after ion implantation, the semiconductor material must be quenched at the necessary temperature to repair the crystal structure and remove the defects. Together, quenching also has the function of exciting donor and acceptor residues, i.e. putting some residue molecules in the void part into the replacement part according to quenching.

Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) rapid tempering treatment is a way to heat all silicon wafers in a very short time to within the ambient humidity range of 400-1300 C. It is relative to furnace quenching. It has the characteristics of low thermal cost budget, small exercise of residue in silicon, contamination inch and fast production and processing speed.

Various LED lamp design concepts to ensure temperature uniformity

Temperature Control Method of Instant Closed Loop Control

Instant detection of filament current to ensure smooth and credible processing

Safety testing, including thermocouple temperature measurement test, overtemperature test, filament current test

Chinese and English customer operation panel, very simple application

Mobile phone software automatically controls the whole process of processing technology, which is easy to use and includes the management authority of customer classification application.


Lai Dan compilation, processing statistical data record/search, alarm/error, customer situation, etc.

Main uses

Inverted annealing/activity by ion implantation

Fine-grained strengthening of metal materials and electric-grade fine-grained strengthening of arsenic crops

Return of phosphorus-aluminosilicate sandwich glass/boron-phosphorus sandwich glass

Channel air oxidation

Generation of gate material

Polycrystalline silicon quenching

Selenium accumulation in photovoltaic applications of copper, indium, gallium and selenium quenched by titanium silicide/silicide/nitrogen compound

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