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How does the annealing furnace work?

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How does the annealing furnace work?

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Melting furnaces are used to overheat liquid raw materials until they melt. Generally, heat treatment furnaces are used to change the surface or internal characteristics of raw materials and to raise their temperature carefully. In the case of metal materials, this generally improves the ductility strength and compressive strength. This requires an industrial electric furnace to create and maintain temperatures less than the melting point of raw materials.

The melting furnace, in general, converts to a soft landing temperature that exceeds the melting point of the metal material and causes the dissolution of its physical structure to cause vaporization. Such changes are so radically dependent on temperature and working pressure. Certain liquid metals can be stored at working temperatures, except mercury (mercury) and known low eutectic gallium-based (Ga) aluminium alloys.

In order to maintain a uniform melting compound, the melting furnace must be able to convert into and maintain the necessary temperature for a continuous period of time. Several smelting furnace frameworks can implement this whole process. In this article, Thermcraft will explore some key types of melting furnaces that can be used to melt in today's market.

Cupola annealing furnace

Cupola annealing furnace is usually allocated by a vertical greenhouse in the system software, filled with coke and dolomite in the burning layer. The passage allows gas to enter the combustion chamber to ignite and propel, and the working door is convenient to get at least a part of the dome. This means that the raw materials can be extruded in accordance with the movable bottom groove on time by reducing the melting mixing.

Cupola annealing furnace in the whole process of the selection of small tools in the ferrous metal rolling plant. The structure is very simple and robust, but additional considerations must be taken into account the safety of drainage and sewage handling. Generally, the top of the dome shaft will be constructed with innovative design conceptual filters that will remove particles from the vapor waste.

Induction furnace

The principle of the magnetic induction annealing furnace is completely different from the version number of the dome. They use spiral warming elements to place a crucible or integrate them into the wall itself of the greenhouse. This conversion of electromagnetic energy into calorific energy is based on the excellent level of thermal symmetry between chemicals and radiation sources.

Limiting the use of flammable natural material equipment is very much a basic melting application, converting into safer, hourly operating staff and components. The design concept of spiral winding resistance electromagnetic coil is to improve service life of service items from refractory and thermal insulation materials to warming metal materials and ceramics, and to make excellent adaptability to a large number of manipulations. The thermal cycle can automate technology and additional manipulation to maintain the melting of harmful metal material vapor that reduces conversion and discharge in the melting furnace.

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