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Main Causes of Cracks in the Shell of High Tempering Furnace

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Main Causes of Cracks in the Shell of High Tempering Furnace

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According to the principle of slow cooling section, the basic analysis is that the different thermal deformation in this section causes the cracking of round steel. The air pressure caused by the water cooling and sucking effect of the circulating system of centrifugal fan in the circulating system will bring the right gas into the furnace, which makes the oxygen moisture content in this section too high to develop the alloy structural steel specification E7J, and the furnace condition is stable. However, if the specifications and types of alloy structural steels change frequently, the crack will deepen the vicious transformation and the furnace condition can not be maintained for a long time.

When the specifications and types of steel raw materials for high temperature tempering furnace shell are changed, the difference of inlet and outlet air temperature in the slow cooling section of hot dip galvanizing generator set is generally stipulated to be 200 K, while the gap between water cooling air box and furnace shell is fully considered. The heat exchanger will be developed in the high temperature circulating system of medium and large pull-back device manufacturer. On the other hand, the I f = steel and round steel in the ventilation duct structure are welded together with the shell steel structure, and the thermal difference between the gas outside the furnace and the high temperature steam inside the furnace will cause a thermal gradient on the relative round steel, or the temperature of the ventilation duct can not be considered because of the expansion and bending stiffness of the stainless steel plate surging n. Differential deformation regulation can also cause cracking of round steel.

When cracks occur in the shell of high temperature tempering furnace, the shell components must be replaced relatively in order to prevent damage to quenching characteristics.

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