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Operation Method of Gas Tightness Testing for Analytical Annealing Furnace of Annealing Furnace Manufacturer

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Operation Method of Gas Tightness Testing for Analytical Annealing Furnace of Annealing Furnace Manufacturer

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Annealing furnace is a method of heat treatment of metal materials, that is to say, the metal material is slowly heated to a predetermined temperature, maintained for enough time, and then cooled by water at a moderate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate. It can soften the raw materials or steel parts processed by forging, calcining, welding or laser cutting, improve the plastic deformation and ductility, make the composition symmetrical, remove the remaining in-situ stress, or obtain the predicted technological performance.

1. Inspection procedures:

(1) Open the source and send the natural gas to the annealing furnace. The manufacturer of the medium and large pull-back device controls the working pressure in the furnace at 1500Pa-5000Pa according to the air supply of the source controlled by U-type laminated glass water column pressure gauge.

(2) Brushing and spraying detergent water are used to carry out the inspection at the inspected position. The sealing position and welding should be very careful and marked with oil marking pen.

(3) After the first round of inspection is completed, the inspection and gas path shall be terminated, the leak site shall be solved, and the second round of inspection shall be carried out after the left and right disposal, in the same manner as the upper one, until the sealing requirements of the annealing furnace have been exceeded.

(4) The sealing property of annealing furnace is maintained at 1000Pa working pressure for 30 minutes above 200Pa. If this requirement is not met, annealing furnace manufacturers should carry out re-inspection.

2. Common questions:

(1) Before the first investment of annealing furnace is put into operation or before the repairing and re-investment is put into operation, the sealing of annealing furnace is solved and the actual operation of inspection is carried out.

(2) Make sure that the air compressor, N2 and other paving machines and equipment that can be used for inspection are in good condition and can start every hour.

(3) The outlet, entrance and passage of the hot blast stove are sealed with blind plates, the hand holes and the furnace cover are installed and tightened, the discharge valve of the furnace wall is well sealed, and the anchor bolts at all the flanges are tightened.

(4) Determine the sealing condition of the gas inspection hole, the temperature measuring thermal resistance and the plate thermometer hole of the annealing furnace, and disconnect all the intake manifold of the annealing furnace.

(5) Annealing furnace manufacturers in the process of operation, in advance to prepare the tools that should be applied, such as: U-type laminated glass water column pressure gauge, DC welding machine, soap powder, spray kettle, soft brush, oil marker pen, sealant, etc.

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