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What are the differences between normalizing furnace and annealing furnace?

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What are the differences between normalizing furnace and annealing furnace?

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The following is a detailed description of the difference between the main furnace and the annealing furnace.

Annealing furnace is a method of heat treatment of metal materials, that is to say, the metal material is slowly heated to a predetermined temperature, maintained for enough time, and then cooled by water at a moderate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate.

Unlike normal furnaces, annealing furnaces can soften raw materials or steel parts processed by forging, calcination, welding or laser cutting. Manufacturers of medium-pull and return devices can enhance plastic deformation and ductility, make the composition symmetrical, remove remaining in-situ stress, or obtain predicted technological performance.

The purpose of annealing furnace quenching:

(1) Reducing strength and improving process performance;

(2) Remove internal stress, smooth specification, reduce deformation and crack tendency;

(3) Fine particulate matter, optimizing structure and removing shortcomings.

The main purpose of the normal furnace is to optimize the crystal size so that martensite can be uniformly distributed. The difference between quenching and quenching depends on the quenching water cooling rate being slightly faster than quenching, so the quenching mechanism is finer than quenching mechanism, and the physical properties are also improved. On the other hand, the external water cooling of the main furnace does not occupy machinery and equipment, and the output rate is high. Therefore, in the production and manufacture, quenching should be used instead of quenching as far as possible.

The key application of the main furnace is given as follows:

1. For medium carbon steel, it can be used as quenching and tempering treatment of terminal equipment, not heat treatment, or normalization treatment before surface quenching by electromagnetic induction heating method.

2. With alloy steel, bearing steel, nitriding steel, etc., honeycomb martensite can be reduced or resisted, and good mechanism for spheroidizing annealing can be obtained. Normal furnace can optimize as-cast mechanism and improve the machinability of stainless steel castings.

3. For large and medium-sized steel castings, it can be used as quenching and tempering treatment of terminal equipment to prevent large crack tendency during heat treatment.

4. The secondary quenching of hypereutectoid steel before spheroidizing annealing can remove honeycomb-like re-cementite and ensure the homogeneous spheroidization of cementite during spheroidizing annealing.

5. Malleable cast iron is used to enhance the strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance of car, tractor, diesel engine crankshaft, crankshaft, etc.

Left and right is the detailed introduction of the difference between normal furnace and annealing furnace. For your reference, you can refer to the left and right contents in application to improve work efficiency.

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