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Air pressure regulation mode of annealing furnace fan

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Air pressure regulation mode of annealing furnace fan

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Air Pressure Adjustment Method of Centrifugal Fan for Vehicle Annealing Furnace

After the centrifugal fan of car annealing furnace operates smoothly, there are two methods of air pressure adjustment: manual and automatic.

1) Fully automatic adjustment: the "pneumatic operator" in the dashboard cabinet is typed "fully automatic" (preset value should be set to the standard value needed in the work at this time), and the pneumatic pressure can be maintained fully automatic adjustment. 2) Manual adjustment: Put the "pneumatic operator" in the dashboard cabinet into the "manual" situation and adjust the pneumatic pressure according to the "delta" and "_", at which time the "pneumatic controller" is not "manual". The air pressure should be adjusted to 350-400mm H_2O column in front of the burner. 3) There is a gas double-position electric butterfly valve in front of each burner. The manufacturer of the large pull-back device can adjust the opening degree of the small electric wind valve position by adjusting the screw of the extruder.

4) Nuts can adjust the opening of large electric wind valve position. The position of small electric wind valve is about 15 degrees, and that of large electric wind valve is about 40 degrees.

5) When all steel parts are normally solved, the pressure is adjusted by "fully automatic method". 5.3.5 Start gasoline pump, car annealing furnace can be adjusted with the "amplifier" on the distribution box.

The burning power of the system software is 0.15-0.18 MPa, the residual oil of the gasoline pump is 3.3 m3/h, and the working pressure is 0.33 MPa. The design concept has two gasoline pumps, one of which is the reserved gasoline pump. If the power switch is relative to the globe valve, it can be used instead. The software of gasoline pump and fuel pipe system is the software of large return oil chemical substance system. The electric regulating valve is a return hole regulating valve, which can be manually operated or operated between dashboards. When it was too high, the valve position was big; when the car annealing furnace was too low, the valve position could be turned off. When the return orifice regulating valve is still higher than the required value even when it is open in full position (at this time, the fuel consumption is small), the unloading valve before the pump and the regulating valve should be coordinated to adjust each other, so that the valve position of the regulating valve can be in a relatively middle position, which is conducive to the adjustment of the working pressure. Open the air compression valve in front of the furnace, and adjust the working pressure of air compression is carried out manually on the spot "pressure regulating valve".

The air pressure adjustment of centrifugal fan of car annealing furnace can be divided into manual type and full automatic type. Various kinds have advantages.

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