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Classification of Annealing Furnace

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Classification of Annealing Furnace

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Trolley annealing furnace

The trolley type annealing furnace is the national industry standard environmental protection periodic time type operation furnace. It has super environmental protection and energy saving structure. It uses fiber structure and saves 30% electricity. Exclusive production of composite high-alumina nail set, car anti-collision sealing bricks, large pull-back device manufacturer fully automatic sealing car and furnace mouth, integrated rail, without basic installation, can be applied on the level road surface. It is suitable for heat treatment, quenching, aging and conditioning of various mechanical parts such as high chromium, high manganese steel castings, malleable iron, rolls, bearing balls, 45 steel and stainless steel plates.

Commodity characteristics:

1. No noise, no air pollution.

2. Low heat storage and less heat outflow.

3. Temperature control is of high accuracy and good uniformity.

4. High level of automation technology, easy to use.

5. Optional PID programming settings, automatic operation.

6. Good airtightness, long life and reliable.

It is used in chemical plants, crude oil, food, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment, light industry, electric power engineering, ships, paper industry, mining, pharmaceutical industry, central heating and other industrial sectors. With the development of knowledge economy, its application in manufacturing industry is becoming more and more popular.

Well annealing furnace

Main uses: For metal parts, rings and other parts to carry out conditioning treatment at rated temperature.

Introduction of Machinery and Equipment:

The furnace is composed of a furnace wall, a movable furnace cover and an automatic control system.

1. The shell of furnace wall is welded with channel steel and thick steel plate.

2. The support point of the furnace cover is composed of channel steel and slideway.

3. Aluminum alloy with high resistor produced by Beijing Shougang is selected as heating component.

4. High alumina brick wall is used in the bottom of the furnace because of its load. The furnace management center adopts the method of big trap and small circle to heat the furnace inside and outside.

5. Hydraulic elevator is selected for the furnace cover, and the motor controls the full-automatic walking.

6. The software of temperature control system is controlled by PID thyristor with high precision.

Van type annealing furnace

Main Applications: Special equipment for heat treatment, quenching and quenching of key steel parts.


1. Furnace with large cargo load and high output rate is very suitable for conditioning and heating of small and medium-sized parts. It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving up to 30%. Temperature control is symmetrical. Intelligent digital display PID (as shown in the figure) automatic control system temperature control is high precision and high precision.

2. The heating furnace is easy to load and has good practical operation standard.

3. Furnace mouth and wall are fully automatic, without manual service.

4. Under the heating furnace, the chain joining protector can avoid common failures and safety accidents caused by operational errors.

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