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Points for Attention in Use of High Temperature Annealing Furnace

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Points for Attention in Use of High Temperature Annealing Furnace

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Common Problems in Application of High Temperature Annealing Furnace

With the development trend of social economy, the application of high temperature annealing furnace in various manufacturing industries is more and more available. The manufacturer of Dala Return Device has accumulated some working experience in the long-term production and processing of box furnace. Next, share with customers what you should pay attention to when applying high temperature annealing furnace.

1. Measure accurately the resistor between the electric heating device and the furnace shell with a meter before the resistance furnace is dry and restless. Short circuit fault is not allowed. After dryness, check the cold-off flow resistor of heating furnace with 500V meter. The resistance value is not less than 0.5 moh. Before the application of resistance furnace, the power connector and plug as well as the cut-off current status of their routes should be checked.

2. Often check whether the automatic power-off equipment at the discharge outlet is intact and intact in order to prevent safety accidents. When loading, unloading and handling commodities, it is not necessary to touch the electric heating device, in order to prevent safety accidents when the power supply equipment is automatically shut down. When the operating frequency of resistance furnace is over 36 volts, a good grounding system is needed.

3. Fully automatic temperature control equipment can ensure that the zero line of ignition line meets the required heating line properly. Therefore, we should pay attention to the normal operation of the metering and verification of heating gas stoves.

4. The stove should be always clean and the dirt such as compounds should be removed after work. Clearance should be carried out after switching off the power supply and lowering the temperature control.

5. Choose explosive and combustible material furnace or discharge harmful substances. Heating steam furnace should have quiet equipment or other physical and mental health countermeasures.

6. The protective cover should be added to the part of induction power-up or gear transmission outside the furnace shell. In order to make the heating furnace system software work, quiet equipment should be installed.

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