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The Function and Working Principle of Annealing Furnace

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The Function and Working Principle of Annealing Furnace

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The effect of annealing furnace is to heat steel parts to a predetermined temperature, insulation and insulation must be time after the slow water cooling of the metal material heat treatment method.

The main contents are as follows:

1. Improving or removing the defects and internal stresses of various mechanisms often caused by steel during the whole process of forging, forging, cold rolling and welding, so as to avoid the deformation and cracking of steel parts.

2. Soft steel parts are easy to be drilled and processed. Annealing furnace

3. Optimize the crystal and improve the mechanism to improve the physical properties of steel parts.

4. Prepare for the final quenching and tempering treatment (heat treatment, quenching) in advance.

Principle of annealing furnace:

According to the circulating system of centrifugal fan, the temperature in annealing furnace chamber is uniform. The two chambers of annealing furnace can be operated by themselves. The manufacturer of large pull-back device improves the quenching efficiency. There are usually two centrifugal fans in each chamber, but there is no gas filtration system, and there are in and out according to the specific situation. According to the circulating system of centrifugal fan, the temperature in the furnace is uniform, and the external economic structure of plastic film raw materials is restructured according to the quenching and tempering assets, so as to improve the reliability and conversion efficiency. When the casting is heated to 950 (?) C, the heat insulation must be moderately cooled by water after a period of time, which can be used to remove the thermal stress of steel castings and weldments. In view of the temperature at which ferrite is produced just after the steel handicraft is heated, the thermal stress can be removed by cooling the steel handicraft with water in the gas after heat insulation and heat preservation at the following 100-200 degrees Celsius.

Enterprises have strong technical strength, production and manufacturing are all people's advantages. The key products are: SF450 vertical large-pull quenching I, SF450 vertical large-pull quenching II, SF350 large-pull quenching generator set, SF-280/17 medium-pull generator set, etc., and all kinds of spare parts are sold to the market immediately. It is a professional manufacturer of nickel strip (conductive ring) aluminium guide wheel (sprayable paint) aluminium door and copper annealing wheel. It can overhaul spare parts of imported quenching equipment, and show overhaul and renovation service items for spare parts of imported metal wire drawing quenching equipment.

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