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What are the advantages of trolley annealing furnace?

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What are the advantages of trolley annealing furnace?

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Annealing furnace is a standard environmental protection and energy saving cycle time working furnace, with strong environmental protection and energy saving structure and fiber organization, environmental protection and energy saving 30%. Compound high alumina ceramic nail set, impact-proof sealing bricks for vehicles, fully automatic sealing cars and hearth for manufacturers of mid-pull and return devices, integrated track, no basic installation, can be used on standard pavement. It is suitable for heat treatment, quenching, aging and tempering of various mechanical parts such as high chromium, high manganese steel casting, malleable iron, roll, bearing ball, 45 steel, stainless steel plate, etc.

Vehicle annealing furnace advantages:

1. No noise, no air pollution.

2. Low heat storage and little heat damage.

3. Temperature control has high precision and strong uniformity.

4. High level of automation technology, easy to use.

5. It can write settings according to the PID program and start itself.

6. Good airtightness, long application time, safe and reliable.

Vehicle annealing furnaces are mostly used in chemical plants, crude oil, food, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment, light industry, power engineering, ships, paper industry, mining, central heating and other industrial sectors. With the development of knowledge economy, it is used more and more widely in every manufacturing industry.

Annealing furnace is a process used to produce integrated circuits. It includes heating several semiconductor material chips to endanger their electrical performance. Tempering treatment is designed for different efficiency. Silicon wafers can be heated to stimulate dopants, convert plastic films into plastic films or plastic films into wafer-based steel sheet pages, and then change high-density plastic films, repair the growing plastic films, repair the introduced damages, remove dopants or migrate dopants from one plastic film to another. Plastic film or migration from plastic film to silicon wafer. R substrate.

The annealing furnace is divided into electric heating furnace, raw coal annealing furnace, gasoline and diesel annealing furnace, gas annealing furnace and steam annealing furnace. The steam annealing furnace manufactured by standby gas producer is widely used. The combustion chamber is reduced in the steam quenching kiln, and the ignition is immediately introduced into the greenhouse by a steam burner. In order to reduce energy consumption, displacement heat system software is often placed in the steam quenching kiln, which converts gas into combustion warm air to ignite the steam.

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