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Fabrication Method of Annealing Device

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Fabrication Method of Annealing Device

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Quenching is a method of heat treatment of this metal material. It means that the metal material is slowly heated to the necessary temperature, maintained for a sufficient time, and then cooled by water at a suitable rate. Its purpose is to reduce the strength, improve the drilling process performance by the manufacturer of large pull-back device; remove internal stress, stabilize specifications, reduce the tendency of deformation and crack; optimize crystals, regulate mechanism and eliminate the shortcomings of mechanism. At present, the most extensive solution is to use full hydrogen bell furnace. During the whole process of quenching, radon gas is needed to maintain the raw materials, so that they are not oxidized by air, so that the surface of raw materials is bright, and the heat transfer efficiency is improved, thus enhancing the quenching capacity. However, the current quenching equipment has some drawbacks: 1. The annealing furnace can not block CO2 very well, which must endanger the reliability and reliability of high temperature quenching; 2. Radon gas is not uniform throughout the annealing furnace, and the fusion annealing furnace can not block CO2 very well. The raw materials at the lower part of the radon concentration in the annealing furnace are very capacitive. Easy to touch CO2 produces air oxidation, which ultimately prevents the raw material from exceeding the actual effect of quenching prediction and increases the cost of the company by raising the types of commodities concerned. 3. Radon is a flammable gas, which must be properly handled in order to prevent potential safety hazards in the work of workers.

Technical retention factors:

The patent of the invention improves the shortcomings of the present technology. The purpose of the patent of the invention depends on the quenching equipment with good quenching reliability, high reliability and application safety.

To exceed the purpose, the patented quenching equipment of the invention comprises a support frame and a conveyor belt fixed on the support frame, and an annealing furnace is fixed on the support frame, and an electric heat pipe is set in the annealing furnace.

A control page is set on the outer and inner walls of the annealing furnace. On each side of the annealing furnace, there are raw material imports and raw material entrances and exits. The raw material imports, raw material entrances and exits and the hollow annealing furnace set up above generate raw material safety passages.

The first sluice is set at the import of the raw materials, and the second sluice is set at the entrance and exit side of the raw materials. The first sluice and the second sluice are respectively connected with the electronic devices of the above control page.

An air quality testing device is set in the inner chamber of the annealing furnace, and a number of groups of exhaust and inlet and outlet holes are set on the outer wall of the annealing furnace, including radon gas source and hand pump. The inlet and outlet holes are connected with the radon gas source pipeline, the exhaust holes are connected with the hand pump pipeline, and the air quality testing equipment is also set up. The inlet and outlet air holes, the exhaust air holes, the radon gas source and the hand pump are respectively connected with the electronic devices of the above-mentioned control page.

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