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Working Method and Flow of a Job Annealing Device

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Working Method and Flow of a Job Annealing Device

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At present, tempering treatment is a key stage in the process of forging steel parts for mechanical equipment. The whole process of tempering treatment is usually divided into four parts, namely, heating section, heat insulation section and fast cooling section. The effect of heating section is to heat steel parts to the temperature specified in the processing technology within the necessary time. In the thermal insulation section, the change of cementite to metallographic structure in metallographic structure is carried out within the stable temperature range and the necessary time is maintained. Then it enters the fast cooling section. The manufacturer of the Dala Return Device cools the temperature rapidly to the necessary temperature and enters the slow cooling section. Under the steady water cooling rate, the ferrite orientation is carried out. Changes in metallographic structure. After the whole process of quenching and tempering, the smooth metallographic structure is produced, which exceeds the specified characteristics.

In the whole process of quenching and tempering treatment, the heating capacity and reliability of annealing furnace seem to be very important. There are many kinds of ignition materials selected, in which blast furnace gas and coke oven gas are widely used. The ignition calorific value and actual thermal effect of liquefied gas are closely related to the temperature of combustion gas. After the application of combustion gas heated at high temperature, the heating capacity and the use of liquefied gas have been significantly improved.

At present, there are the following problems in the application of quenching machine equipment before the combustion gas is heated. First, the heating capacity of the furnace is not stable, and the temperature uniformity is not stable. The steel parts in the essential heating link of annealing furnace must exceed the necessary processing temperature within the required time range. Because the steel parts have different specifications and types and their relative densities are different in the hearth, it is necessary to have a strong heating capacity and a smooth and symmetrical operation to meet the changing heating requirements and to burn them at room temperature. By burning gas, the ignition calorific value of coke oven gas is reduced, and the working ability of heating is lacked. The uniform reliability of temperature can not be ensured only by adjusting the exhaust air volume and the total flow rate of liquefied gas.

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