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Detailed introduction of annealing equipment for high frequency annealing machine

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Detailed introduction of annealing equipment for high frequency annealing machine

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Application of High Frequency Quenching Machine:

1. Heat treatment in various stainless steel industries. For example, heat treatment of stainless steel pots and tanks, heat treatment of edge coiling and stainless steel tank, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel cookers, stainless steel cups, etc.

2. Heat treatment of various other metal composite cast iron castings. Such as golf ball head, club, copper lock head, hardware copper parts, watermelon knife handle, tooth surface, aluminium pot, aluminium barrel, aluminium heat pipe radiator and a variety of all-aluminium furniture.

Characteristics of high frequency heat treatment machinery and equipment:

1. Using IGBT module, the manufacturer of Zhongda pull-back device can save energy, environmental protection and electricity by 50% compared with electronic tube type and 40% compared with bi-directional Thyristor Medium frequency.

2. Fast heating: * Fast heating speed is less than 1 second, and the heating speed can be adjusted, and the heating temperature can be controlled.

3. It can be widely used: iron castings of any metal material can be warmed up (magnet coils can be made according to different patterns of iron castings);

4. High efficiency: Machinery and equipment have automatic setting and various maintenance functions. The operation process can be carried out by itself, thus reducing the production process and improving the output rate.

5. The expected effect is good: the surface temperature of cast iron castings is uniform and fast, which reduces the diazotization reaction layer on the surface of cast iron castings and the deformation level of cast iron castings.

6. Less land occupation: the mechanical equipment is very light, lighter, occupying less than 1 square meter of space, which is beneficial to mobile and neutral mobile;

7. Easy operation process: NC lathe type scheme design, the original machine does not need to adjust, installation operation is very simple, 5 minutes only learning;

8. Good protection of ecological environment: noise control, air pollution and fire use, it is very easy to take into account the requirements of ecological environment protection and fire safety.

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