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General knowledge of annealing furnace

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General knowledge of annealing furnace

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Heat treatment furnace is divided into annealing furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, normal furnace and aging treatment furnace. It is suitable for quenching large and medium-sized carbon steel and carbon steel parts; surface quenching parts; welding parts clearing in-situ stress quenching, aging and other heat treatment methods. The heating methods include electric heater, gasoline and diesel oil, natural gas, raw coal and warm air circulation system. Annealing furnace is a new type of thermal equipment. The annealing furnace is an environmentally friendly periodic time-type operation furnace, with ultra-environmentally friendly and energy-saving structure and fibre structure, which saves 60% electricity.

The skeleton diagram of annealing furnace is welded by welding various channel steels. The frame is made of round steel as load-bearing beam, the baffle is made of cold metal sheet, the car is made of round steel as load-bearing beam, and the bottom plate and front and rear end plates are made of medium and thick plates.

Part of the transmission system of annealing furnace: The motor and reducer are selected to drive the front end of the car to develop a group of driving wheel transmission system according to the transmission chain. Medium and large pull and return device manufacturer's furnace mouth transmission system is composed of worm gear reducer and motor electric elevator.

Sealability: Labyrinth structure is selected for the sealing between the car and the furnace wall, and automatic sand-sealing knife sealing equipment is installed on both sides of the car. Furnace mouth sealability adopts swallow tail guide rail type clamping and elastic yellow clamping automatic organization sealability The application of high-quality corundum brick and the structure of related refractory brick are selected in part of furnace wall to ensure furnace internal airtightness. High alumina brick wall is selected as part of the vehicle pressure test, and thermal insulation bricks are added to the bottom.

Annealing Furnace Ignition System Software: Install several burners on both sides of the oil furnace, and the hot gas reciprocating circulating system in the furnace to ensure the uniformity of temperature control. According to the requirement, the automatic and automatic positioning type must be selected.

Heating equipment of smoke exhaust system: install heating equipment of smoke exhaust system on the top of the back of the furnace. When the smoke in the furnace is heated according to the preheater, the centrifugal fan is fed into the blowing cold air to carry out heating, then the pipe is fed to the burner to carry out combustion, and a manual disc valve is installed at the entrance and exit. The valve can adjust the working pressure in the furnace. It is used in the whole process of heating, water cooling, chilling and volatilization of chemical plants, crude oil, food, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment, light industry, electric power engineering, ships, paper industry, mining, pharmaceutical industry, centralized heating and other industrial sectors.

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