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Do you know about annealing furnace?

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Do you know about annealing furnace?

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Annealing furnace is a kind of processing technology applied in IC process manufacturing. It includes heating several semiconductor material chips to endanger their electrical performance. Conditioning treatment is designed for different practical effects. It can heat chips to excite dopants, convert plastic films into plastic films or plastic films into chip substrate pages, make high-density igneous rock plastic films, change the growth of plastic films, repair the damage introduced, move dopants or migrate dopants from one plastic film to another. How much do you know about annealing furnaces when plastic film or plastic film goes into wafer substrates?

Annealing furnaces can be integrated into other furnace solutions, such as air oxidation, or can be solved by themselves. The annealing furnace is designed for heating semiconductor material chips. The annealing furnace of Zhongda Pull-back Equipment Factory is an environmentally friendly periodic working furnace with super environmental protection and energy saving structure. It uses fiber structure and saves 65% electricity.

Heat treatment furnace is divided into annealing furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, normal furnace and aging treatment furnace. It is mainly used for quenching large and medium-sized carbon steel and carbon steel parts; surface quenching parts; welding parts clearing in-situ stress quenching, aging and other heat treatment methods. The heating methods include electric heater, gasoline and diesel oil, natural gas, raw coal and warm air circulation system. Annealing furnace is a new type of thermal equipment. The annealing furnace is an environmentally friendly periodic time-type operation furnace. It is super-environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It uses fiber structure and saves 65% electricity.

The key annealing furnaces are electric heating furnace, coal annealing furnace, gasoline and diesel annealing furnace, gas annealing furnace, liquefied gas annealing furnace and so on. Among them, the standby gas producer is more popular than the liquefied gas annealing furnace. Liquefied gas quenching kiln reduces the combustion chamber and uses gas burner to spray and ignite in greenhouse immediately. In order to reduce energy consumption, the liquefied gas quenching kiln is equipped with heat transfer system software, which converts gas into burning warm air to carry out liquefied gas combustion.

Annealing furnace is a new type of thermal equipment. It is used in the whole process of heating, water cooling, chilling and volatilization of chemical plants, crude oil, food, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment, light industry, electric power engineering, ships, paper industry, mining, pharmaceutical industry, centralized heating and other industrial sectors. Because of its many advantages, it has been used more and more widely in various manufacturing industries.

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