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High frequency induction annealing equipment

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High frequency induction annealing equipment

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High frequency magnetic induction hardening machine equipment, which is quite different from traditional machine equipment, depends on the choice of electric heater. Therefore, it is not easy to cause waste smoke and organic waste gas in the whole process of work, nor to cause noise and dust, greatly improving the working environment of workers, so as to ensure employees'insurance. With the production and manufacture of environmental protection, it ensures the physical and mental health of employees. What's more, the manufacturer of Zhongda pull-back device can cooperate with feeding equipment, thermometer, time relay and so on, which not only ensures the accuracy of annealing temperature, but also keeps the staff specialized in production and manufacturing, and improves productivity.

High frequency magnetic induction hardening machine equipment, not only has many advantages, but also has a wide range of applications, the following details. 1. Annealing heat treatment of building steel bar, steel bar, stainless steel pipe and welding. 2. Warming and tempering treatment of standard parts, bolts and nuts, bolts and transmission chains. 3. Quenching heat treatment of transmission gears, sprocket chains, ABS gear rings, crane rollers, rollers and forks. 4. Welding heat treatment of milling cutter, turning tool, diamond saw blade and central air-conditioning bifurcation pipe. 5. The smelting and tempering treatment of gold, silver, copper and other metal materials. 6. Tempering and heat treatment of sucker rod, hydraulic cylinder and seamless steel pipe.

High frequency magnetic induction hardening machine equipment after-sales maintenance services: 1, 1, 1 year of non-artificial damage free maintenance, my company will bring you lifelong maintenance, to eliminate your concerns; 2, my company will undertake the regulation and operation of small equipment, carefully teach you the actual operation, so that you quickly learn;3, magnetic induction copper and electricity; Magnetic coils can be customized according to customer requirements, and easy to install, disassemble and replace, wide application areas, so that you can make a good deal of money; 4. During the free guarantee period, any common faults caused by the quality of electronic devices or production, manufacture and installation will be repaired free of charge for no reason;

The manufacturers of quenching machine and equipment have to adjust their output power because of the large distance between the parts of electromagnetic induction heating and the heating process. There are two ways to adjust the output power: z1) To change the DC high voltage of oscillator, such as high frequency equipment with output power over 40KW, three-phase barrier wave semi-controlled ballast is selected. That is, for this purpose;

Quenching machine equipment manufacturers change the output voltage of high frequency transformer to adjust the output power. The induction switch immediately connects to the side of high frequency transformer BT (bottom voltage end). It is obvious that the original or side working voltage of high frequency transformer is changed, and the power on the induction switch will also change with the change.

The power supply circuit of the oscillator of the quenching machine equipment manufacturer can be adjusted not only by using three-phase barrier wave semi-controlled ballast with DC regulated power supply, but also by the working voltage of the oscillating channel. Part of the oscillation circuit of GP-iOo type high frequency J machine equipment.

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